Language Study Holidays for Students

From 13 to 18 years

schülersprachreisen_auf_lanzarote_language_study_holidays_for_students_séjours_linguistiques_d´etude_pour_étudiants_viajes_lingüísticos_en_lanzarote_cocolingua schülersprachreisen_auf_lanzarote_language_study_holidays_for_students_séjours_linguistiques_d´etude_pour_étudiants_viajes_lingüísticos_en_lanzarote_cocolingua

Language Study Holidays in Lanzarote – School Holidays in a different way

Welcome to a world that speaks Spanish!

You can’t wait to learn Spanish, make new friends, visit enchanting places and learn more about Spain and its culture, then this unforgettable trip to Lanzarote is just right for you: sun, sports, beach, culture and much more… Lanzarote – one of the most multicultural islands of the Canaries – is the only island in the Canary Islands designed by local artist and architect Cesar Manrique. Lanzarote is home of people from all 21 countries where the official language is Spanish. The Lanzaroteños or “Conejeros”, as they are called, are very friendly and great hosts.

You get a full program consisting of:

  • Language course (including teaching material)
  • Exciting leisure programme (social, cultural and sports)
  • Full time assistance
  • Accommodation in local host families
  • Transfer from/ to the airport 

Language Lesson

The lessons are designed to give you sufficient, varied and effective material and activities to use the language in real life situations. We focus on the things that are most useful to you. The goal is that you “immerse“ yourself in the Spanish language and culture in order to be able to communicate as quickly as possible.


In addition to high-quality language lessons, you also benefit from an extensive leisure programme. This strengthens communicative as well as social skills, whilst, at the same time, having fun with your other classmates.

You will experience social, cultural and sports activities up close in the unique nature of Lanzarote. A “must” for Lanzarote are the art, culture and tourist centres, as well as action-packed guided adventures around the island. All students are always accompanied by adults in all leisure activities.