Completing our placement test gives us the possibility to grade the students according to their previous knowledge. This ensures that every student will be placed in an homogenous group and will feel comfortable within the group. As a complete beginner you don’t have to do the test and will automatically be placed in the beginners group.

Our school offers 5 levels of learning in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Please, take into consideration, that this placement test is only intended to be for those who have made a course reservation.

The objective of this test is to find out your real level, please do the test without any help from books or friends. This way we can ensure all students in a class will have the same level.

Our levels

We offer a wide range of levels from absolute beginners to very advanced. You will normally need at least 40 hours tuition at any one level before advancing to the next level.

The following table gives an idea of how our levels compare to those established by the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF, in Spanish the MCER) and by the Instituto Cervantes for its Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera (DELE) examinations..

Name CEFRL Diploma de Español
Total hours
Proficiency C2 Diploma DELE C2 (Superior) 160 -200
Advanced 2
Advanced 1
C1 Diploma DELE C1 (Avanzado) 60 – 100
60 – 100
B2 Diploma DELE B2 (Intermedio) 60 – 100
60 – 100
Intermediate B1 Diploma B1 (Inicial) 60 – 120
60 – 80
Pre-Intermediate A2 Diploma de español DELE A2 40 – 60
Elementary 40
Pre-Elementary Diploma de español DELE A1 40 – 60
Beginner A1 40

Because no two students develop their linguistic abilities in the same way or with the same rhythm, it is difficult to