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Language travel for adults and families

in Lanzarote

Welcome to a world that speaks Spanish!

Why is Lanzarote the best place to learn Spanish?

Lanzarote is one of the most multicultural islands of the Canaries, where the official language is Spanish.

Lanzarote is the only island in the Canaries, which was moulded by the native artist and architect Cesar Manrique. Lanzarote has a beauty out of this world. In Lanzarote live people from all of the 21 countries where the official Language is Spanish. The Lanzaroteños or “conejeros” as they are warmly called, are very friendly and great hosts.


What makes Co Co Lingua Language School different?

The courses are designed in such a way, to assist you to develop your oral skills in both a very individual and professional way. Along with high-quality lessons, students benefit from a varied leisure programme including exposure to cultural aspects. In this manner, both communicative and social skills will be consolidated, and last but not the least, you will be provided with a great amount of conversation on-site.

The lessons are presented:

  • Casual and challenging.
  • Hearty and professional.
  • Varied and effective.

Leisure Time

Spanish lessons will be rounded up through cultural, social and sporting activities.

Lanzarote is a volcanic paradise which offers a great deal in leisure, culture and gastronomy activities, and a philosophy for openness, where activities under open sky dominate.

Students will very closely experience, music, art, cultural heritage treasures and much more in the unique nature of Lanzarote.

Choose between our programmes:

  • 1 or 2 days Spanish + Activities
  • 1 Week Spanish Intensive 15 + 10 hours of activities
Programme I
Programme II

Request our Programme now at: info@cocolingua.com

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Alternatively, we can assist you with your travel and accommodation requirements through Lanzarote Information and their subsidiary company Camel Travel

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