Spanish courses for foreigners on Lanzarote

Spanish is best learned in small groups, as there is a greater opportunity for communication between the students and the teacher. So, try to find a Spanish academy that has small groups or that offers private classes. This will enable the teacher to give the students more personal attention. On the other hand, you should look at the course offer, the times available and their flexibility, to see if it’s what you’re looking for.


The methodology

We must get to know the methodology of the centre to see if it adapts to your needs. It is important that the classes are both practical and participatory, that the pace of teaching and the study system suits you and favours your learning style. Not only that, it must also motivate you too. It is best to ask or even take a test class to make sure.

The teaching staff

The Spanish teachers at the academy are very important when choosing one. Well, it will depend on them to measure your progress. Teachers should be native speakers, as this will help you with your accent and will also provide you with exposure to Hispanic customs and culture. But in addition to being native speakers, teachers must have been trained to teach Spanish.


The exams

Increasingly, it becomes more important to have a Spanish certificate that certifies your level of competence. Therefore, you should look for a Spanish school that has preparation courses for taking the official exams, with which to obtain an internationally recognised qualification.


Other factors that will help us to decide are the extra facilities and services offered by the Spanish academies such as a Library, cafeteria, and computers. All these will help us to study in our free hours and promote our learning. The location, the learning material that is used, even the staff that will assist you, are also important. Everything counts.

Spanish courses for foreigners on Lanzarote

And finally, it should be said that a good academy should treat each student as an individual. It should adapt to your needs and characteristics, and train you to achieve your objective and to learn the most you can.

With a communicative methodology, personalised attention to the student, flexibility of schedules and much more, Co Co Lingua Spanish Academy in Lanzarote, meets all the requirements for learning Spanish abroad.

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