Hiking in Lanzarote

A country to discover. Volcanoes & Lunar Landscapes

Would you like to discover a beautiful landscape in Spain while taking conversation classes in a place with a great climate all year round? You can have all this in the Hiking Course offered at Co Co Lingua – Language School.

Lanzarote is an island that combines sea and mountains and the mountains here are ideal for hiking. There`s a growing trend to hiking that runs through the beaches and rugged terrain of Lanzarote while affording some of the world`s most unique views.

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There is a great choice of tours, the most popular ones are: Monte Corona, Caldera Blanca or the Winegrowing of La Geria.

The tours are led by specialists to discover and experience the volcanic island of Lanzarote up close. Equipped with a wealth of knowledge, you will receive answers on flora and fauna, history, geology, land and people, customs and traditions.

Hiking in Lanzarote means that there are many surprises awaiting you. You get insider knowledge directly from a good source. There is something for every age, every taste and every level of difficulty.

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*Ut (Unit) = 45 minutes

Group size: minimum 4 participants/ maximum 8 participants
Bookings are always made at least 1 month in advance

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