The history of chocolate, one of the favourite foods of the world, begins some three thousand years ago in the jungles of Mexico and Central America. It started with the “Theobroma cocoa tree” and with the complex but necessary processes that are required to transform its bitter seeds into what today is known as chocolate.

The cultivation of cocoa and its consumption have allowed chocolate to acquire social, religious, medicinal, political and economic relevance in diverse societies. Its propagation, acceptance and diffusion around the world is such, that at present there isn´t any region of the world which hasn´t come under its influence. Its consumption and later production involve millions of people, as well as many nations around the world.

Did you know that,

Chocolate can make one thinner?

Chocolate helps to fight depression?

Chocolate helps to protect the brain?

Chocolate helps prevent obesity and diabetes?

The benefits of chocolate begin in the colon?

Dark chocolate is good for the heart?

Dark chocolate satisfies one more than milk chocolate?