We are pleased to present to you our Staff who are native speakers and are qualified teachers of foreign languages.


Elvia Zaldívar – Director and EFL – ELE Spanish Teacher

At the beginning of 2011, Elvia founded the Language School Colloquial Community Lanzarote or Co Co Lanzarote, in Yaiza, Lanzarote, which offers teaching of Spanish, English and German as second languages to adults, teenagers and children. Elvia has always been open to new ideas and cultures. This fact, has helped her a great deal to understand the process of learning a foreign language both at different ages and levels. Elvia loves teaching; for her, means her own process of learning. She is very creative in the classroom and is always eager to motivate her students.


Thomas Stenzhorn – DaF “German for Tourism” Teacher

At Co Co Lanzarote, Thomas covers a great deal of the work of teaching German for adults. He strives to motivate his students to learn German through the use of his specialist knowledge, which is “German for Tourism”. The personal goals of his students are always a high priority for Thomas.


Michelle Kappler – DaF German for Adults and Young Learners

For Michelle teaching German means to share people’s customs and traditions in the various German speaking countries. Languages open many doors all over the world and for Michelle it is a great delight to teach her mother tongue. Since 2012 Michelle has been teaching German for teenagers and adults at Colloquial Community Lanzarote in Yaiza, Lanzarote.


Betty Rawson EFL – English Teacher for Adults and Children

She believes in teaching through her students’ interests and adapts work to help them, rather than following a book written course as she believes students learn better if they are enjoying themselves. Betty enjoys incorporating drama and art into her lessons.


Odaly Fernández – Administration and Computer Assistant

Odaly is computer programmer and teacher. Odaly has created and implemented the students’ database at Co Co Lanzarote – Language School. She is in charge of as well as giving support to the School Website and is responsible for optimising the social media network.