Mojo rojo y verde canario

The sauces “mojo rojo” and “mojo verde” can be used to accompany many types of meat, fish, vegetables, papas arrugadas (Canarian potatoes), etc… Mojos are spicy sauces, native to the Canary Islands which we can prepare ourselves and which are very traditional here on the islands. Here we show you the home-made recipes for “mojo rojo” and “mojo verde” sauces to try yourselves and which we hope you enjoy.

Difficulty: low
Cost: low

Mojo rojo canario


– 3 red peppers
– 2 garlic cloves
– 2 chilli peppers
– a little bit of cumin
– black pepper
– 4 Tbs. Vinegar
– 3 Tbs. Olive oil

Mojo verde canario


– 3 green peppers
– 2 garlic cloves
– 2 chilli peppers
– Parsley
– A Little bit of cumin
– Green pepper
– 4 Tbs. vinegar
– 3 Tbs. oil

Preparation for both mojos:

We put all the ingredients in a bowl and chop them until we get a thick paste. We can vary the quantity of spices, olive oil and vinegar according to taste.