Individual or 1-to-1 Online Courses

Individual or 1-to-1 online courses can be booked in packages of 10 to 60 classes.

With this module, students are able to:

  • Determine their own learning pace.
  • Determine the length of each level.
  • Focus on their own particular needs and interests.
  • Choose their own dates and timetables, as long as there is availability in our calendar.
  • Have access to a diversity of digital content to strengthen their linguistic skills.
  • Receive feedback and continuous evaluation.
  • Receive advice and study guidelines to speed up and maximize their learning

Individual Packages

General Conditions

Tuition and materials are included in the price.

Payment method:

Bank transfer, Paypal or Credit card

Length of a lesson:

(45 minutes) or 2 lessons (90 minutes)

Timetable :

To be determined according to the needs and preferences of the participant and the availabili