Customer reviews

“Highly recommend this school. Professional right from the start: prompt response from our first contact, warm welcome and best of all: excellent experience in the classroom. We were three in the group at approximately A2 level, two English students and one German, learning Spanish. Irene our teacher managed to meet each of our needs with tremendous skill and dexterity. She encouraged conversations, but always kept an eye on her lesson plan and guided us back through each activity. Pre prepared resources were well matched to our needs. The balance between grammar and conversation was well judged in my view. We also enjoyed little excursions out: local artesan centre to interview the stall holders, followed by a relaxing drink and chat (in Spanish) visit to a bodega where we had to listen carefully to the guide and answer questions on our sheet; and lunch at a local tapas bar where we ordered snacks and chatted with Irene. She is a very good teacher who clearly loves her work. ¡Muchisimas gracias!”
- Agnes Inness - December 2017