In reality, there are thousands of reasons to learn Spanish in Lanzarote in 2019. We will summarise the 10 most attractive and interesting:

1. Spanish is the second most studied language in the world, after English.

There are nearly 500 million speakers around the globe, a rainbow of 21 countries with an incalculable wealth of cultures united under a single language. On this side of the Atlantic lies the Iberian Peninsula along with the Canary Islands, off the north west of Africa, and it’s here where we find ourselves, in Lanzarote.

2. More than 3 million tourists visit Lanzarote each year,

the United Kingdom is the country with the greatest number of visitors, followed by Germany, Ireland, France, Nordic countries, Holland, Italy and Belgium among others, many of them interested in learning the language and about the culture.

3. Lanzarote is Nature and Art and enjoys a spring like climate all year round.

Lanzarote with an area of 846 km², of which 356 km² are natural open spaces, is the ideal environment to practice outdoor activities such as hiking. It is important to mention that, among these natural areas, the best known is Timanfaya National Park. In addition, there are other parks and natural monuments, protected areas and sites of scientific interest that cannot be missed. This wonderful environment, declared a Biosphere Reserve, accompanied by exceptional climatic conditions and the legacy of César Manrique, make Lanzarote the favourite destination of the Canary Islands.

4. The Lanzaroteños are very friendly and hospitable.

An environment without its inhabitants has less value. The Lanzaroteños are very proud of their island and its traditions, consequently they are very attached to their customs, which are commonly practiced especially on public holidays, such as the Canaries Day, on May 30. They are very familiar and home-loving people, they usually live in harmony with the environment and consume products from the land. They are very friendly and hospitable people, they are always laid back and never in a hurry. They love talking about and explaining their traditions and are usually very generous when sharing what they have, as well as being very communicative when someone approaches them to start a conversation.

5. In Lanzarote there are countless opportunities to practice Spanish.

Firstly, you can practice Spanish with the natives of the Island, in the various markets located in different villages. Secondly by attending various events or getting involved in social, artistic, recreational or cultural activities. It is an island with an innovative energy and enterprising people who are always at the forefront of what is happening on the continent. This way on Lanzarote, not only can enjoy nature and climate, but also a cultural offer on the same level as Europe.

6. In Lanzarote you can combine a Spanish course with a specific complementary activity.

… such as hiking, golf, cooking or simply enjoying with your family a holiday combined with learning the language and knowledge of the environment and its culture. Choosing the right course is very important, since the enrichment will be doubled. Holidays will have a different meaning and such memories will accompany you forever.

7. Spanish cuisine is one of the best reasons to learn Spanish.

In Lanzarote you will find the perfect elements to enjoy and learn the richness of this ancient art. Lanzarote has the most avant-garde cooking school in the Canary Islands, where, in combination with a Spanish course specifically geared towards gastronomy, will make you want to return to again. Cook In Lanzarote and Co Co Lingua merge their specialties and transport you to another world.

8. The secure environment, the pure air and the products of the land, are some of the exclusive factors that Lanzarote offers.

The different possibilities of combining the Spanish language with a variety of activities, is not enough for you to come to a secluded island and learn Spanish. But with the secure environment that cannot be enjoyed in the big cities, the pure air that is priceless, products from the land such as goat cheese and a good Malvasia wine, the cordiality of the people and many other factors are obvious reasons to choose Lanzarote as a destination to learn the Spanish language and culture.

9. Accommodation within families will be one of the “highlights” of 2019.

If you have never been to Lanzarote, 2019 will be the perfect year to come. If you are visiting us from a country in the European Union, airline tickets are usually quite reasonable. Accommodation in Lanzarote is quite varied, many of them in rural environments, here it’s not typical to find accommodation like those in crowded tourist areas. If you wish to stay with a local family, from 2019 it will be possible, the ideal way to learn the language, without a doubt.

10. The quality of the tourist offer and the choice of our Spanish courses are growing.

And as a last reason, but not the least important to learn Spanish in Lanzarote, is the potential of this island. The quality of the offer is growing at all levels and it shows and that is why we are sure that 2019 will be your year to come to discover this paradise. If you already know the island and us, we invite you to take a look at our new offer of Spanish courses for 2019 through our link: and in visual form through our corporate video: Experience Spanish in Lanzarote