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Experience Spanish in Lanzarote

It’s a dream come true! 

We live in the perfect place, and we have the perfect elements to learn and enjoy the Spanish language and culture. 

Through this video we’d love to give you an insight into our philosophy and show you briefly how we like to present our lessons combined with social and cultural activities.

It’s our passion to meet people from other cultures, who are quite keen and eager to learn the Spanish language and its culture. We all learn so much from each other and herein is where richness lies, by sharing experiences we grow. 

Co Co Lingua is a small team of enthusiastic and committed teachers, students and friends who love to have a great time together. Once we get to know each other, we become like family. 


We define learning primarily, as being a gratifying process, which also involves a great deal of work at the same time. We start learning how to see things from a different perspective.

Acquiring a new language, isn’t only about learning how to order a meal in a restaurant or asking your way to the petrol station.

A new language makes us aware of other ways of thinking, a new way of behaving or reacting to certain situations, it helps us understand why people are more or less outgoing or loud or gesticulate or move their bodies in a particular way. It help us understand why they have different timetables or prefer to have their main meal in a bar rather than at home. It helps us understand the social, cultural or political processes of a society. 

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In our video, we want to show you how proud we are about our small, familiar classes and how much we enjoy learning about this amazing island, its cultural background, uniqueness of its wine and typical dishes, its singular nature and above all, the kindness and cordiality of its people. 

The idea of making a video had been maturing for quite a while and, came at the right time. It was a great team work. The students just loved the idea of doing something like this. 

The filming of the video took a whole day, the filming team and students where very patient  filming the same scene many times. We had been preparing it for weeks, but of course we didn’t cover the complete itinerary. There is still so much more we’d love to show you. Our goal this time was to present our school in a professional way with a professional film maker like Sibotk – Films & Photography


With this video, we believe we’ve manage to convey a bit of our enthusiasm….  So, this is a teaser of how much more we’d love to share we you. 

Spanish is such a rich language, it’s alive and its people are so eager to share their culture. All this motivates us to dream ahead and think about all the possible ways to offer an experience that is going to last you a life time. 

A taste, a sight, a smell, a word, a smile…. All that is to be discovered in Lanzarote, a magic place you ought to know. 

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