If you are a resident of Lanzarote, you shouldn´t miss this opportunity!

Have you ever experienced learning Spanish over and over again, and then dropping off at some point?

This summer at Co Co Lingua, we have prepared a unique “Spanish Course” that will change this feeling forever! –

You will just love it!

We´re speaking about breaking your own record and finally getting started in Spanish.

How many times have you learned the grammar, the vocabulary for shopping, going to a restaurant, at the doctors, by renting a car or simply at the pharmacy trying to get some aspirins.

Forget about all the frustrating moments trying to articulate a sentence and getting nervous because you couldn´t find the right word and people just don´t have the patience to wait for you to find that word, …Oooof! and before you can even try, they are already switching to English… We know this frustrating feeling of not moving forward, the outcome is always the same, you just give up. End of the story, period.

From 21st of August to 22nd September we are preparing a SEMI-INTENSIVE SPANISH COURSE. This course will take place in the morning, three times a week. That is a total of 50 lessons in 5 weeks.

We have organised a series of practical hands-on activities in Yaiza and surroundings where you will not only have to put into practice your speaking abilities with locals, but you will break your own record with the goal- oriented activities we´ve planned for you.

By the end of the course:

  • You will have trained your oral expression and comprehension.
  • You will get personalised input and immediate feedback to correct your errors.
  • You will have improved your pronunciation and fluency.
  • You will have the opportunity to practice the language in a real and natural context.
  • You will practice relevant subjects for your daily life.
  • You will meet other students from other countries and empathised with them.

During these 5 weeks, we will cover the following topics:

  • Summer challenge – beat your own record using new words by speaking.
  • Visit to the ecological farm “Tres Peñas” with Manolo
  • Gymkhana in the town/sports centre of Yaiza
  • Language exchange at the Santa Catalina cafeteria
  • Balms and scrubs workshop – by Mama Pepa in Uga
  • Preparation of a typical Spanish/Canarian recipe
  • Watch popular series in Spanish to learn colloquial everyday expressions
  • Asadero in La Degollada
  • Exchange Talk with the children of the Yaiza school
  • End of year party with theatre performances
  • In the link below, we present you one of our planned activities for the course:


One of the Spanish best-known recipes around the world – Can you think of a better plan than enjoying a practical activity where you can try your own creation?

Here is what we´re going to learn:

  • History of Gazpacho
  • Variations – Which is your favourite?
  • Accesories
  • Ingredients
  • Preparation