We all know about the endless benefits of learning Spanish: more connections, career opportunities, brain power, confidence, new experiences when travelling… But, what about the benefits of teaching Spanish? Being a language teacher is not just a job, it is a life changing experience.

‘The best thing about being a Spanish teacher is meeting people from all over the world and getting an insight into different cultures’.

All our teachers have answered the same. They love teaching Spanish, they enjoy being in touch with students from all nationalities, as well as learning from different cultures, traditions and lifestyles. They are truly passionate about teaching, and you can really see that in every single lesson.

This week, we have had a chat with two of our enthusiastic teachers, Louiza and Lorena. They tell us about their career, experiences and explain why they love what they do. Remember, you can meet them at one of our online Spanish courses. And if you are not quite sure about whether it’s for you, feel free to join some of our free lessons to dip your toes in the water.


A chat with our Spanish teacher Louiza Xenofontos


A chat with our Spanish teacher Lorena Mendoza