Interview with a student from the German Educational Leave Programme

In January, we had a group from Germany (Niedersachsen, Hamburg, Berlin) and Switzerland, who completed an educational leave course at Co Co Lingua in Lanzarote. After completing the course, we had the opportunity to interview one of the students about educational leave and the experience she had had.

1. Hello, we are pleased that you took time to study with us. Tell us something about yourself

“Hi, I’m Sophie and I’m originally from England and now live in Berlin. I work at the ‘deutsche Welle’ as a journalist there. “

2. How did you learn about the educational leave?

“From my colleagues. At work we talk pretty much about educational leave and that you can learn many things. And many do it with us as well, not just language courses but all sorts of things. ”

3. Educational leave in Lanzarote? What made you decide to do a language course combined with educational leave?

“A friend of mine, who is also my colleague, highly recommended this particular course in Lanzarote. He said that it’s a nice mix of language learning and culture with a nice atmosphere. Of course, the weather was also advantageous compared to the winter months in Germany. And I wanted to go where it is warmer to learn Spanish. “

4. How did the educational leave go for you? What did you do?

“It was a nice week. Every day we started around 9 o’clock in the morning and then learned Spanish grammar until 12 o’clock. And it was great how structured the lessons were and how you got to know each other in class. The activities were also a nice addition. It enriched the whole offer. I got on very well with the other participants and after a few days we met privately for dinner to do something as a group … yes that was nice. So that you not only learn the language, but also find some new friends. “

5. What did you like the most?

“The nice atmosphere in the school. It is very professional, well organized but at the same time relaxing. “

6. Did the course fulfil what you had expected from the educational leave?

“Yes, in any case. That was actually better than expected, because so much is offered here with the activities and the cultural side. “

7. Would you like to come again and repeat educational leave at Co Co Lingua and also recommend it?

“Yes very much. And I can really recommend it to anyone “

Here are a few impressions of the educational leave in January