2016 is nearly at an end, but first we’ll experience some of the most delightful moments of our year, it’s Christmas!

Christmas is about meeting with family and friends, and as the famous advertisement says, “Go back home, and above all, eat” 😛

As it’s the festive season, we want to share with you one of the traditions that makes it so special to the Spanish, and there is no better tradition to share, than the gastronomic tradition.

We have compiled a list some of the best delicacies we enjoy at this time, and just by writing it, we are already savouring the moments 🙂

Pastel de Cabracho - Co Co Lingua Lanzarote

Scorpionfish cake

This dish is typical of the Cantabrian and Basque cuisine.


Besugo a la Madrileña - Co Co Lingua Lanzarote


Madrid’s sea bream

El Besugo is very typical of Madrid cuisine, for years it was part of every Christmas meal and is very common in Madrid homes.

Escudella - Co Co Lingua Lanzarote



Escudèlla i carn d’olla, a traditional Catalan soup recipe with vegetables, legumes and meats!

It’s the oldest dish in Catalan cuisine and is typical for Christmas Day.


What you should never miss in a good meal is the dessert, and at Christmas there are some really exquisite ones and we can’t stop ourselves from sharing with you.

Mazapán - Co Co Lingua Lanzarote



One of the most widely used Christmas desserts 🙂

Turrón - Co Co Lingua Lanzarote



In Spain you are never without a good nougat on the table for Christmas.



There, we have the list! Let’s buy everything and enjoy … A very Merry Christmas to one and all!