Learning Spanish is not about spending hours and hours in front of a book or memorising verbs and grammar rules. There are so many ways we can explore to immerse into the language! And many of them are really fun!

If you saw our last videos with our Spanish teachers, you may remember all of them insisted in incorporating the language to the student’s routine and lifestyle. Following Spanish recipes, watching La Liga or your favourite tv programmes, reading books and magazines, listening to podcasts or labelling the most used objects are some of their tips.

Nowadays, we have endless resources at our finger tips, however, many of us still need a bit of guidance to know what to do in order to practice our target language or how to improve in a faster way. Well, no worries, we got your back! This summer, we invite you to boost your Spanish with this 30-day challenge! You should complete a task each day. You can decide if you want to do it in a row or with little breaks, but we can guarantee you that you will really see at improvement of your understanding and usage of the language.

What do you say? Do you dare to do it? If the answer is , download the challenge and let us know how it is going here: Facebook or Instagram 

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¡Feliz verano!