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Carnivals in Lanzarote – Magic and tradition

Carnivals in Lanzarote - Magic and tradition Arrecife Carnival 2019 is dedicated to César Manrique and will be celebrated from February 22 to March 9. On Tuesday, February 26, the first phase of the Adult Murgas contest is celebrated and on Wednesday, February 27, the second phase. Other elements of the festivities will be [...]

Educational holiday in Lanzarote – Interview with a student

Interview with a student from the German Educational Leave Programme In January, we had a group from Germany (Niedersachsen, Hamburg, Berlin) and Switzerland, who completed an educational leave course at Co Co Lingua in Lanzarote. After completing the course, we had the opportunity to interview one of the students about educational leave and the [...]

10 Reasons for learning Spanish in Lanzarote in 2019

In reality, there are thousands of reasons to learn Spanish in Lanzarote in 2019. We will summarise the 10 most attractive and interesting: 1. Spanish is the second most studied language in the world, after English. There are nearly 500 million speakers around the globe, a rainbow of [...]

Experience Spanish in Lanzarote

Experience Spanish in Lanzarote It’s a dream come true!  We live in the perfect place, and we have the perfect elements to learn and enjoy the Spanish language and culture.  Through this video we’d love to give you an insight into our philosophy and show you briefly how we like to [...]


We are starting new Spanish courses in September. you are invited to discover a sample of the diversity of "Spanish culture" at a free trial lesson. RECOMMENDATION FOR RESIDENTS: Spanish course - All levels - Small Groups - Min. 4 - Max. 6 - Duration in weeks: 8 to 12 weeks - Regularity: once or [...]


Canary Islands - a treasure spread between 7 islands How difficult can it be to choose only one destination out of the 7 lucky islands! … in the end, the question is, which is the best choice for my next holiday? Our recommendation: "Lanzarote" Why Lanzarote? The beauty of its nature is spectacular. The [...]

Educational Leave courses

The Educational Leave courses at Co Co Lingua are moving full steam ahead now since their initiation in 2015. We started with a modest number of students, 9 in 2015. This rose to 20 in 2016 and then in 2017 we reached 35. Not only are we proud of these results, but our motivation [...]

How to choose your Spanish course abroad

Spanish courses for foreigners on Lanzarote Spanish is best learned in small groups, as there is a greater opportunity for communication between the students and the teacher. So, try to find a Spanish academy that has small groups or that offers private classes. This will enable the teacher to give the students more personal attention. On [...]

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European Day of Languages. 26th September

On September 26th, the European Day of Languages will be celebrated, a day in which, of course, we feel involved and celebrate each year as part of our day to day life. This initiative was created by the European Commission and the Council of Europe in 2001, with the intention of paying homage to the [...]

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Our tradition … Original recipes from the Canary Islands … to enjoy with meat, fish, papas arrugadas (Spanish wrinkled potatoes – originally boiled in sea water) and more …!

It is such a pleasure to live in Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands, and we should always try to take advantage of any opportunity we have to enjoy the local customs and culinary arts of the places in which we live. This is part of the culture and as we always say, it is [...]

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