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Co Co Lingua Students are not only entertaining and have good fun in class, but also make great efforts and when it comes to express themselves  in Spanish, many of them produce true works of [...]

Cultural outing with students to the Municipal Theatre, Tías, Friday 15th May 15 at 8.00pm.


“Lo malo de ser perfecto” (The bad thing about being perfect) is a sharp comedy combining intelligent humour with a keen dialogue full of irony and sarcasm in a text full of surprises. The work [...]

GERMAN FOR THE HOSPITALITY SECTOR in Yaiza – Starting on 2nd March 2015


QUALIFIED NATIVE SPEAKING TEACHERS SMALL GROUPS (up to 6 persons) LIMITED PLACES Levels Beginners with no knowledge or A1 "Grundstufe 1" Elemental or knowledgeable A1 - A2 "Grundstufe 2" Duration: 10 weeks Total Hours: 40 [...]

Cinema soiree in Spanish at Co Co Lanzarote – Film – SPANGLISH – Monday 16th February 2015 at 7:00 p.m.


Continuing with our already well-known tradition of cultural activities, we are back again to captivate you with a Spanish Cinema soiree. This time we have the pleasure to present the film SPANGLISH. A film that [...]

“Chocolate, a delicacy for gods” – Where does it come from? Can you imagine the world without chocolate?


The history of chocolate, one of the favourite foods of the world, begins some three thousand years ago in the jungles of Mexico and Central America. It started with the “Theobroma cocoa tree” and with [...]

Successful conclusion of English and German courses held at Hospiten – Lanzarote


On 27th November last, the teaching staff of Co Co Lanzarote successfully concluded a series of short term English and German courses, tailored to meet the requirements of the Medical Staff of Hospiten in Lanzarote. [...]

Itinerary of a trip to Honduras – The last Central American desecrated paradise – Friday 19 December, 2014


By Elvia Zaldívar. “Wanting to follow the track of my own earlier footsteps, last summer I decided to embark on an adventure to rediscover and cherish my past, in a country on which no one [...]

A Mexican night in “La Lupe – Cantina Mexicana” in Arrecife – Friday 5th December 2014


Students and friends of Co Co Lanzarote, we have scheduled an outing to a Mexican restaurant to taste and enjoy a variety of traditional Mexican dishes like quesadillas, chilaquiles, tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, burritos and chimichangas [...]

It´s typical, it´s ours… original Canary recipes to enjoy with meat, fish, papas arrugadas and more!


Mojo rojo y verde canario The sauces “mojo rojo” and “mojo verde” can be used to accompany many types of meat, fish, vegetables, papas arrugadas (Canarian potatoes), etc… Mojos are spicy sauces, native to the [...]

Discover distant countries: Honduras – Central America, the good side of the coin


Honduras has never had the best reputation in the world, as a matter of fact, the term “Banana Republic” was first used to refer to Honduras, a country operated as a commercial enterprise for private [...]