If you are following us on our social media, you might probably know that we are embarking on a new adventure: teaching Spanish online! No worries, we are still in Lanzarote, if you want to come to our school and enjoy our beautiful island while learning with us. But, for those who cannot come due to the current situation, you can always join our new online courses and immerse in the Spanish language from the comfort of your home. 

We know some people are a bit unsure about learning online, and get out of their comfort zone when joining this type of experience. Is this way better than traditional learning? Well, that’s difficult to say, it really depends on the person, their needs and situation. But we are confident that any student can still get endless benefits from online courses. Let us share some of them:


When you study from home, you don’t need to walk or drive to attend your lessons. Whether you live in Berlin, Paris or a small village in a remote mountain, as long as you have an Internet connection, it is really easy to access your classroom on time. And let’s be honest, being in your class while wearing your slippers or having a coffee in your favourite mug is priceless.

Learning environment

Some people concentrate best in a minimal study space with little distractions, others love having a desk full of colourful stationary and some students prefer to sit in a comfy armchair next to a natural light. You can spot that perfect place in your house where you can enjoy your lessons and feel fully motivated to get the most of them.


We are a language school, so communication is our main goal. Whether online or in the classroom, we always encourage our students to participate and express themselves without any fear. However, we do understand that this is not that easy for everyone, and some students need some time to feel comfortable. Online lessons make people actively participate as there are less intimidating tools: a thumbs up, a little question in the chat box or a breakout room are normally an excellent option to break the ice.


Nowadays, we can have limitless resources at our fingertips that will make our learning experience easier and enjoyable. When attending an online course, you can see the sessions afterwards, download all the materials used, watch videos or share files with others. We still love the idea of taking notes in a classic journal, but we have to recognise that having an access to all these resources and being able to store them in a little folder of our screen is a game-changer.

New connections

When attending a physical language school, it is common to meet people from other nationalities and different backgrounds who are living in the same area. However, when joining an online course, your classmates can be in the other part of the world having their breakfast, with the sunlight coming through the window, while you are about to prepare a hot dinner to beat the cold weather. Exchanging experiences and ways of seeing life with another person that is in a completely different spot of the world is amazing. We can learn so many things from our classmates! And who knows? You might find your soul mate there!

Technology moves so fast that it’s not always easy to keep up with. But let’s embrace the change.  Let’s see it as an opportunity to experience something new and to grow and evolve as a person. 

If you want to know more about our ONLINE SPANISH COURSES, click here.