However, learning a language can be a great effort, especially when taking into account our daily routine, what with work, children, errands, etc…

Plus, when we make the decision, either by necessity or design, we find ourselves with the difficulty of choosing how, where and in what way we learn, since, from that, it will depend on how well we successfully complete our objective.

At Co Co Lingua, we have a different way of learning languages 

Such that it becomes something interesting but also great fun! Such that you want to continue learning more and more and consider it to be a hobby instead of as an obligation!


Learning Spanish Co Co Lingua Lanzarote




For example, in our Spanish classes we share everyday experiences, interests and can even make friends!







Learning Spanish Co Co Lingua Lanzarote




We not only learn the language but also about the curiosities of our wonderful island of Lanzarote … What makes it so special and different, and why we like to live here.







The best way to learn a language is to live it!

That’s why we live it with our students, both in class and with special exercises like cultural visits to places of interest, typical events and anything that helps them to learn and develop their understanding of, in this case, Spanish.


Learning Spanish Co Co Lingua Lanzarote





Each one of us has reasons and desires to learn a new language, and in this exercise from Logbook 1 of the Editorial Difusión, we can see some of those reasons explained.

The truth is that their reasons are very interesting and we like to know what they are!


Learning Spanish Co Co Lingua Lanzarote







So … who is not interested in gastronomy

In this fun class we shared snack recipes according to each of our students tastes.




We have a great time learning Spanish … Do you?